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Welcome to the Sacred Hearth providing hints and tips for practical kitchen witchery for the busy Pagan homemaker.

The Sacred Hearth tradition holds the hearth as the sacred center of family life and this is a website written for family oriented Pagans, green witches, kitchen witches and all who hold the hearth and home close to their hearts. Please pour yourself a cup of tea and relax while you browse through kid-friendly rituals, kid-pleasing crafts and recipes and ideas to help you incorporate magical spirituality into your everyday life and that of your family.

Really, this is my personal Wiki and sort of a Book of Shadows in which I store just about anything I find interesting and the results of all my experiments and basically any article I write that doesn't fit into any of the other websites I provide content for. I apologize if it's somewhat poorly organized. There is a search feature!

From the Blog

Cross Burning Rite

Although I am a Neo-Hellenic Pagan, I still perform this rite every Imbolc because it holds a special place in my heart. It was featured at the first Pagan Sabbat I ever attended, one hosted by Celtic Druids. It is just so meaningful and I really do love it. For me it isn't so much about Brigid with whom I do not connect as the concept we all have our cross to bear . Here is your opportunity to put down that cross if you're tired of it and prepare to pick up a new one instead. It can be adapted...

Solar Cross

The equal-armed solar cross predates the Christian cross and is found on many engravings throughout Europe. This one is woven of wheat stalks. Some say the equal arms represent the solstices and equinoxes and the square in the middle the cross-quarter days. Celtic traditions hold that hanging this cross in your home invites the Celtic Hearth Goddess Brigid to enjoy your hospitality and offer her protection to your home. Their folklore says that hanging a Brigid’s Cross over the door, will...

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